CEO of PM Lucas dr Pavle Matijevic presented a special gift to newly formed folk ensemble.
   "This year is the 80th birthday of Mangistau Oblast. Many foreign companies dealing with the production of resources in our region help to celebrate the anniversary of Mangistau Oblast. Regional activists demonstrated themselves in the first flight participating in different competitions.
    On this anniversary the director of PM Lucas Pavle Matijevic denoted his generosity presenting a special gift to newly formed folk ensemble called “Otpan”.
   The financial director of the Limited Liability Partnership Mrs. Lilipar Khodezhanberdiyeva says:  - We present this vehicle to ensemble in order to avoid it from trouble while its concert trips to centers of population located in a long and short distances, - with these words she gave the key of vehicle “Gazel” to Mrs. A. Zeilevaya, the director of regional state municipal sector called “Orleu”.
    This gift presented in all sincerity will be considered as the appraisal of a real art."

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